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Belarus energy report

  • Belarus aims to reach a share of 9% of renewables in the energy mix by 2035.
  • In its updated NDC, the country committed to reduce its GHG emissions by 35% below the 1990 level in 2030.
  • The energy sector is dominated by 3 monopolies: Belenergo for power, Belorusneft for oil, and Gazprom for natural gas.
  • Belarus imports most of its oil and gas from Russia at discounted prices.
  • Gas dominates the power mix (78%), followed by nuclear (14%).
  • Oil prices are amongst the lowest in the region. Prices increased by around 8%/year since 2020.
  • Electricity prices fluctuate with the gas price.
  • Gas supplies 60% of the energy mix, followed by oil (26%). The residential sector absorbs 45% of the final energy consumption.
  • The country's second nuclear unit will be commissioned in 2023.
of renewables in the energy mix in 2035
of final energy used in the residential sector
reduction in GHG emissions by 2030