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The Enerdata e-store offers a wide range of individual energy reports and datasets on the global energy market, as well as a daily key energy news subscription.

We have energy country-specific analyses and datasets, covering all energies, energy policies, supply and demand, and key players. Many additional datasets, for instance on the global LNG trade, refineries worldwide, or power plants (upcoming) around the world, are also available.

You can also get the latest global energy news, including energy and climate markets, policies, industry, infrastructures, and investments through an annual subscription to our multi-channel energy news platform.

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Bolivia energy report

  • The country targets 79% of renewables in the power mix by 2030.
  • ENDE controls around 75% of the power capacity and around half of the distribution.
  • Petrobras is the main oil and gas producer.
  • YPFB controls the oil and gas pipeline networks.
  • Oil and gas production has been decreasing since 2014.
  • The prices of oil products and electricity have been stable since 2017.
  • Oil and gas represent 85% of total energy consumption.
  • Transport absorbs over half of the final consumption. The residential sector is the largest consumer of electricity with 39%
  • The country will invest US$33bn in the energy sector by 2025.
  • Around 0.7 GW of hydropower projects are under construction.
share of renewables in the power mix by 2030
of total energy consumption from oil in 2022
of hydropower capacity under construction