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  • The country has an ambitious target of 450 GW of solar and wind in 2030.
  • It pledges to reach carbon-neutrality by 2070.
  • Fossil fuel production is dominated by state-owned companies: CIL for coal, ONGC for gas and oil.
  • Power generation is shared between national public utilities (around 40%), State utilities and private companies (around 30% each).
  • Coal and lignite production reached its highest level in 2021.
  • The renewable capacity (excluding large hydro) overtook 100 GW in 2021.
  • Gas prices have more than tripled between early 2021 and early 2022.
  • Energy consumption rebounded by 5% in 2021 but is still below its 2019 level.
  • Three-fourths of the consumption is still met by fossil fuels.
  • Almost 60 TWh of coal-fired power generation is planned to be replaced by 30 GW of renewable capacity by 2026.


largest coal and lignite producer


of CO2-free in power mix (2021)


oil import dependence (2021)