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  • Brazil targets a share of 48% of renewables in its energy mix in 2029 and a cut of GHG emissions by 43% in 2030.
  • Eletrobras, the federal holding company, owns about 30% of the power capacity.
  • Petrobras is responsible for over 90% of the oil output, of which 66% comes from pre-salt production.
  • Renewables account for 83% of power generation, of which 65% of hydro.
  • Solar capacity grew by around 70% in 2020 to 7.7 GW.
  • Crude oil exports have tripled since 2013.
  • Gasoline and diesel prices are quite low compared to regional levels. Ethanol continues to be a cheap option.
  • Electricity prices have been stable since 2013 and are among the highest in Latin America.
  • Total energy consumption has remained stable since 2016
  • The country's consumption is booming and should double by 2050.


largest power consumer in the world

17 GW

wind capacity in 2020


largest hydroelectric producer in the world