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Country Energy Demand Forecast

Country Energy Demand Forecast is an innovative service offering consumption projections to 2035, drilling down to end uses and industrial branches.

Leveraging a unique set of governmental statistics and Enerdata’s globally recognised demand model, this service offers robust and comprehensive projections in just a couple of clicks – leaving no need for modelling specialists!

This service allows users to track underlying factors throughout the industry, transport, residential and services sectors, as well as the dynamics of future energy demand thanks to a built-in sensitivity analysis in order to assess the impact of key drivers on energy use.

Why Subscribe?

  • Exclusive long-term forecasts of energy demand by end use and underlying drivers 
  • Robust modelling by the recognised MedPro Model
  • Designed and maintained by energy demand experts
  • Sensitivity analysis feature to capture the impact of key factors on energy consumption
  • Transparency of modelling methodology
  • A very simple and ready-to-use service (already calibrated scenarios with data inputs connected to the service)

Key Features

  • Energy demand forecasts by country up to 2035 with five-year steps
  • Bottom-up modelling methodology with high level granularity
  • Forecasts of oil, gas, coal and power consumption by sector:
    • Industry
    • Services
    • Transport (incl. electric vehicles)
    • Residential
  • Powerful sensitivity analysis on a number of key drivers for two scenarios
  • Explanation of the influence of key drivers in forecasting
  • Access to demand drivers and key indicators
  • Calibration update to take into account recent trends in energy demand
  • Two scenarios per country with access to the underlying assumptions and base year data
    • Reference scenario showing the impact on energy demand of current policies (“base-line”)
    • Energy efficiency scenario reflecting intensification of policies
  • Scenarios now include electric vehicles, modal changes in transport, air conditioning in buildings
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface accessible via web browser
  • Assistance from our demand experts
  • Data export in .xls format to integrate your own databases and models


Sensitivity Analysis


  • Sensitivity analysis on 13 key drivers
  • Access to assumptions behind scenarios
  • Explanation of the influence of drivers in forecasting

Sensitivity Analysis


MedPro Model

Country Energy Demand Forecast relies on MedPro, an adapted version of the globally recognised MEDEE model. These models have been used by energy companies and policy makers in over 60 countries and regions in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa, in the framework of 100 demand forecasting studies.

MedPro Model


Countries Covered

6 countries currently available

Country List

France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Other countries available on-demand (if applicable).


final consumption reference scenario


electric cars stock


total final consumption


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