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Country Energy Demand Forecast

Plan your energy business. Simulate energy policies.

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Country Energy Demand Forecast
Projections of demand by end use
Projections of demand by industrial branch

Country Energy Demand Forecast is an innovative service offering consumption projections to 2050, drilling down to end uses and industrial branches.

Leveraging an exclusive set of governmental statistics and Enerdata’s globally recognised demand model, this service offers robust and comprehensive projections in just a couple of clicks – leaving no need for modelling specialists!

It allows users to track underlying factors throughout the industry, transport, residential and services sectors, as well as the dynamics of future energy demand thanks to a built-in sensitivity analysis to assess the impact of key drivers on energy use.

Key Benefits

User-friendly and ready-to-use solution embedding a model, two scenarios and complete input data
One-click data forecast exports
Exclusive long-term forecasts of energy demand by end use and underlying drivers 
Robust modelling by the recognised EnerMED Model
Designed and maintained by energy demand experts
Driver variation feature to adjust them to your assumptions
Transparency of modelling methodology

EnerMED Model

Country Energy Demand Forecast relies on EnerMED model.

EnerMED is the latest version of the MEDEE models used under different versions since the mid-70’s, for several types of studies such as update of NDCs, national development plans, or efficiency policies evaluations.

The MEDEE models have been used:

  • in 60 countries worldwide
  • to provide energy demand forecasts and analysis by various actors of the energy sector (industry, governments, policymakers…)
  • to produce reference demand forecasts showing the impact on energy demand of current energy and GHG policies and evaluate the change induced by energy efficiency and GHG measures.

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