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Mini grid Africa & Asia markets for village electrification

Mini grid Africa & Asia markets for village electrification
Mini grids for village electrification - Industry and African & Asian markets
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The report focuses on the mini grid industry and more specific on the Asia and Africa mini grids market.

In addition of the exhaustive approach on the Mini grid industry and strategic trends, the report analyses the regulatory and policy framework on Africa and Asia market, providing figures and graphs of each market size in the different continent with zoom context in different countries as Senegal, Mali, Kenya, Nigeria Tanzania, Gabon for Africa and India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Philippines for the Asia market.



Key Features

Report scope:

The Mini grids for village electrification report contains the following key topics:

Mini grid industry overview including value chain structure and players, technologies and players solutions for generation, storage, power electronics , energy managements systems and turnkey mini grid solutions with an specific industry strategic trends.

The second part focus on the Historical data showing the evolution of feed-in tariffs and quotas:

  • Detailed tables by capacity and technology
  • In-depth country analysis covering policy schemes on wind & solar energy, biomass, biogas, geothermal and hydropower
  • National and European renewable energy targets
  • All data is in Euros to allow cross-country comparison

Report methodology:

This report was put together by our team of off-grid experts using a day-to-day analysis of the market, numerous interviews with industry players, and our internal projects database covering 20 African and 11 Asian countries.

Table of Contents


Number of solar mini-grids projects per status in Africa

Components manufacturers Mini grids