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Battery Technologies and Markets

Unveiling the battery landscape for your project success.

In a world that is becoming increasingly electrified, batteries are becoming a commodity of great importance. They will play a key role in the development of electric vehicles, as well as in the integration of renewable energies into the grid. While the development of the battery market is now assured, there are still many questions for institutional, industrial, and R&D stakeholders:

  • How quickly will the battery market develop?
  • What will be the key technologies and their applications?
  • How will stationary batteries and home storage compete with other flexibility technologies?
  • Where will battery production be located?
  • How will countries maintain self-sufficiency, and how will raw materials be produced and recycled?


For more than 10 years, our experts in Clean Technologies have been building a deep understanding of the battery landscape through continuous study and monitoring of the electrochemical storage and battery industry, and their respective markets:

  • thorough its value chain, from materials such as lithium to battery rental services
  • through interaction with all the players, including research, technology start-ups, large groups, and service companies
  • by covering all battery chemistries, such as lead, NiMH, lithium and its variants, and new chemistry such as zinc-air, Na-ion, sodium sulfide, RedOx batteries.

Thus, our customers can rely on our comprehensive expertise to support them in their various projects, such as:

  • challenging technological innovations all along the value chain, including electrodes, cathodes, anodes, testing algorithms, and integrated modules, to support investment decisions such as market analysis, due diligences, and more;
  • comparing the market flexibility of various countries and estimating the associated potential revenue stream for stationary batteries;
  • providing data on the development of battery projects globally for various use cases (home storage, micro-grids, grid-services, and more).


A research centre network needed market elements to evaluate the potential of R&D projects, covering multiple aspects of the battery. We put together a comprehensive report on the European battery market including specific information on existing and future technologies, market volumes, players analysis and country focuses.

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