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Our data and analysis used for international press and publications.

Eurelectric WG Climate Change & Decarbonisation meeting

Gabin Mantulet, our expert in carbon price forecasts, was invited by Eurelectric to attend their WG Climate Change and Decarbonisation meeting. This workshop group conduct strategic and technical discussions between 30 senior environment and climate policy experts, to help build Eurelectric’s position on various legislations. Thus, Gabin presented Enerdata’s views for ETS towards and post 2030.

POLL: Analysts slash 2024 EU carbon price forecasts by 20% on weak demand, supply boost

Our expert, Gabin Mantulet, participated in a benchmark commissioned by Carbon Pulse on EU carbon price forecasts. To accomplish this, Gabin leveraged the POLES model and provided projections up to 2030. Fourteen entities shared their outlook on carbon prices, with a synthetic analysis on current trends and their expected impacts in the midterm.

Euro Markets: EUAs settle at 18-month low despite afternoon recovery

On January 22nd, our forecasting experts published on LinkedIn an analysis on the EU ETS price forecasts that Carbon Pulse quoted in their article Euro Markets: EUAs settle at 18-month low despite afternoon recovery.

Study charts course for cleaner air, sustainable climate future in Pakistan

In 2021, Enerdata provided the Pakistani Ministry of Climate Change and the Global Change Impact Studies Centre with a study, relying on our model EnerNEO. This study was subsequently employed to assess Pakistan’s NDCs. Following this study, two publications have been released. This article leveraged these publications to highlight key points.

The tools used to track energy transition leaders & laggards

In this article, Gavin Maguire lists companies and organisations presenting capabilities “to monitor key facets of climate change and energy transition efforts”. Enerdata is listed in the category “sector specialists” as a provider of “datasets, opens new tab spanning a range of energy transition-related sectors, including companies engaged in building out the hydrogen sector, energy use by type in key countries, and emissions forecasting tools.”

Circular economy and waste management

Victor Berenger, our Senior Energy and Climate Policy Analyst, co-written an analysis note with the Observatory of Climate Action in Africa about GHG emissions from wastes in Africa. With the demographic growth, waste management is now a major challenge that local authorities must solve.

Top 59 Climate Change Consulting Firms Making a Difference in 2023

Enerdata has been ranked 39th of the worldwide consulting companies having a positive impact on society by helping businesses transition toward sustainable practices.

Is the EU’s energy transition getting into gear?

The European Court of Auditors releases a quarterly journal, and the march edition was dedicated to articles exploring the question “Is the EU’s energy transition getting into gear?”. They approached us to contribute an article on this crucial topic, and our experts, Géraldine DUFFOUR and Morgan CRENES, responded by writing the opening article of the journal: “Energy crisis and the energy transition – a supply-side shock in gas”, which can be found on page 7.

The geostrategic challenges of hydrogen

The vgbe is the international technical association for the generation and storage of electricity and heat. The vgbe releases a monthly energy journal in English and in German issued in 45 countries. They have selected our publication “The geostrategic challenges of hydrogen” to appear in the last edition of the vgbe journal.

Monetisation of natural gas through the development of value-added petrochemicals

The Gas Market Analysis Department used our data at the beginning of their analysis to illustrate the growth of natural gas consumption with a graph presenting the natural gas final consumption by sector from 2010 to 2021.

Analysts see growing role of industrials as an EUA price driver

In November, Aurélien PEFFEN participated to a workshop in Brussels on “The EU-ETS price through 2030 and beyond: A closer look at drivers, models and assumptions”. Carbon Pulse used the figures of this workshop to publish an article “Analysts see growing role of industrials as an EUA price driver”, in particular, our POLES-Enerdata outcomes for EUA prices projection to 2030.

Rethinking sustainable investment

Following a report made for the JRC – European Commission on seasonal impacts of climate change on electricity production, our energy analyst Jacques DESPRES was contacted by SEB bank to contribute to the bi-monthly “The Green Bond report”. Thus, he wrote the article “Rethinking sustainable investment”, based on simulations into the POLES-Enerdata model