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European Battery Market Analysis

European Battery Market Analysis
Powering up: Analysing the current and future trends
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With the increasing focus on sustainable energy, batteries have emerged as a key component of the energy transition. As the demand for batteries in Europe is expected to soar in the coming years, many questions arise about applications and their impact. Will local production match the demand? Which technologies are expected to take the lion's share of this new market? To which extent will policy frameworks influence these developments? Which applications will be the most significant?

This report covers these questions and gives a comprehensive overview of the current and forecasted market for batteries in Europe, providing valuable insights for investors, policymakers, and stakeholders. Our experts in clean technologies conducted, for this report, an in-depth analysis of existing and upcoming battery technologies, associated applications, and market perspectives. Enerdata’s own findings (market sizes, forecasts, stakeholder interviews) are included, and challenged against existing literature.

The report details the key pillars of the European battery strategy:

  • Technology roadmap and R&D
  • Gigafactory projects
  • Second life & Recycling
  • Security of raw material

Additionally, to deepen the report’s content, it includes a comprehensive literature review of existing reports on batteries.

Key Features

The battery report answers to the following questions:

  • Who are the key battery players in Europe along the value chain?
  • What is the status of batteries in Europe and how does it compare to the world?
  • What is the expected development of battery demand in Europe and will European production be enough to satisfy it?
  • How will batteries satisfy the European grid flexibility needs and will electric vehicles be part of the solution?

It also includes these specific features:

  • Innovative forecasts on the development of the battery market based on our POLES model.
  • Synthetic overview of the EU legislative framework on batteries
  • List of European players along the value chain and national players of three countries
  • Original feedback from gigafactory projects on the future of batteries in Europe

Table of Contents

European Battery Market Analysis