Advanced Energy Training

Enerdata organises training seminars, designed and presented by our highly qualified energy economists, modelists and data scientists.

Besides our off-the-shelves training catalogue, Enerdata can build on-demand training sessions to meet your specific objectives and requirements.

Seminars require a minimum of 5 attendees with a maximum of 12.


Sessions on Energy Modelling


Energy Modelling

Introduction to energy modelling

  • Understand the differences in models and methodologies
  • Master the basic energy modelling concepts
  • Assess the role of the main drivers and parameters of modelling
  • Interpret forecasts correctly


MedPro Model

Initiation to EnerMED, energy demand model

  • Understand the structure & methodology of EnerMED
  • Review EnerMED  specific features
  • Learn how to use the interface and to operate the model
  • Identify the difference between EnerMED and other main demand models


Sessions on Energy Data Management


Energy Statistics

Handling and analysing energy statistics

  • Create an energy balance, including supply, transformation and consumption
  • Understand international energy accounting regulations including energy flows, energy units, country-specific definitions and agreements
  • Avoid energy statistics pitfalls


Sessions on Energy Efficiency


Energy Efficiency Policies

Energy efficiency policies

  • Understand the different policy targets and existing measures on energy efficiency
  • Examine best practices implemented worldwide and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.


Energy efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction

Energy efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction

  • Understand national objectives on energy consumption, renewables, energy efficiency and CO2 abatement;
  • Study main techniques of energy savings and CO2 reduction policy evaluation
  • Apply those methods to evaluate the effectiveness of energy efficiency / CO2 abatement programmes.


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