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Frequently Asked Questions

General topics

How can I contact customer service?

Our customer service and research specialist teams are available:

by email or by phone: +33 4 7642 2546

Customer service hours are weekdays 9:00am to 6:00pm GMT+1.

Online purchasing

How do I place an order online?

Click the Add to cart button to begin the ordering process. The Shopping Cart will hold this product and any other choices until you decide to Continue. You can access your Shopping Cart from the cart link to the upper right of any page. You can change the content of the cart at any time. Once you've completed your choices here, click the Checkout button.

How do I receive my online purchases?

All reports, data sets and /or  publications purchased online are available immediately once the online payment is validated. An email with your invoice will be sent to you, followed by an email with your purchase.

How do I access my account?

To access your account, browse the website, then click on the section “Login”. Enter your ID and Password (an email with your login information has been sent to the email address you gave when completing the order form). And then click on the section “My account”.

How do I request a data extraction?

Our in-house database include a larger set of data than what is available through our standard data services.

What types of payment are accepted?

For online orders we accept Visa and Mastercard. Arrangements for payment by check, wire transfer or invoice can be made by contacting customer service at +33 4 7642 2546 or by email

Product information

How do I access the database demo?

A demo can be accessed online for each database. To try our service, Click on the link "Trial version" and simply fill out the inscription form. An email with your username and password will be sent to you immediately. You can begin your trial right away. Note that these data sets are to be used for product appraisal only. Other commercial use, re-diffusion or exploitation of data included is not allowed, according to the Terms & Conditions of Enerdata.

How can I check information services content?

A detailed table of contents is provided with each report available on our web site. For databases and forecasts services, a demo is available with all data series proposed. For further information on the service content, please contact customer service at +33 4 7642 2546 or by email

What is the data / reports update policy?

Our services are continually updated to provide the most reliable analysis and timely updated databases.

  • Data update:

    Every year in June we update all information for the 70 countries which represent 90% of worldwide energy consumption. In December, all of the countries in our database are updated, along with any changes that have occurred since the previous update.
  • Report updates:

    Every report is updated at least once a year. Reports on large energy markets are often updated twice a year. When necessary, several updates are done, to reflect the latest news and to provide relevant and updated analysis.
  • Forecast updates:

    Forecasts are updated on a yearly basis. During the year, one or more revisions in the assumptions might occur, depending on third party data provider updates.

When will the 2023 data be available?

2023 data will be available for the 70 countries which represent 90% of worldwide energy consumption as soon as June 2024. Other countries will be updated continually during the year.

Are your database / research services annual subscriptions?

All subscription services are annual, starting from the date of purchase. Annual subscriptions include data assistance from our data analysts, and technical support for service installation and consultation during the year of subscription.

Annual Subscriptions

How do I place a subscription order?

Annual subscription orders are processed by our commercial team. In order to assess your subscription options (product, update frequency, number of users), or to receive a subscription proposal for your organisation , please contact our commercial team at:

+33 4 7642 2546 or by email

What are the prices of annual subscriptions?

Prices of annual subscriptions depend on the number of users. To assess your subscription price, and start the susbscription process, please contact our customer service at +33 4 7642 2546 or by email

Are there special discounts for information services?

Universities and research institutes are granted a special discount on all Enerdata information services. For more details, please contact customer service at +33 4 7642 2546 or by email

Privacy & Security

What information is collected about me?

When you register, sign up for our Alert service, or place an order, we collect your name, email, company, contact information and address, and when ordering, credit card information. Your IP address is also recorded when you visit the site. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

How is my privacy protected?

We strictly protect your privacy, your information is used for internal purposes only. Please read our privacy policy for more details.

How do I unsubscribe to your emailing service?

If you wish to unsubscribe to our emailing service, please enter your email in the unsubscribe form.