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Research Centers and Academia

Your research consortium’s partner for energy and climate data.

Research centres specialising in energy and climate issues rely on accurate data and projections to define the best models and ensure they run smoothly.

You need to find reliable global data, including granular details on power generation, to fuel your hypotheses –without the hassle of all-too-common misunderstandings between business and academia.

That’s where we come in. Enerdata offers global energy and climate data, with a wide panel of data series and projections by sector, by country, and by end-use, to benchmark historic data as well as future evolutions through various scenarios.

We have a team dedicated to power generation data collection, and their constant support allows us to provide detailed and accurate data on the global energy mix evolution. And our forecasting scenarios can be customised on demand to serve your research hypotheses.

As Enerdata was born as a spin-off of a major European research center (the National Centre of Scientific Research), we are perfectly comfortable with scientific partners and academic processes.

Your challenges, our expertise

Schedule a free 15-minute session to discuss your challenge with one of our energy specialists and evaluate concrete solutions.