Daily Energy News

Policy & Regulatory

The government of Myanmar has allocated 1 GW of solar capacity in its first auction for large-scale PV. All but one of the 30 projects, ranging from 30 MW to 50 MW, were allocated, and the winning bids ranged between US$3.48c/kWh and US$5.1c/KWh. Most of the projects will involve Chinese companies. Chinese inverter maker Sungrow won 9 projects, while China Machinery Engineering Corp. (CMEC) was awarded 8 sites.

The Dutch government has decided to organise a public consultation on building new nuclear power plants to assess under which conditions market parties are interested in investing in nuclear power plants in the Netherlands, and to investigate what kind of public support would be needed, and in which regions there is inter

The German federal government has approved an amendment to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG 2021) targeting a 65% share of renewables in gross electricity consumption by 2030 (up from 43% in 2019). In addition, the amendment introduces a legally binding goal of greenhouse gas (GHG) neutrality before 2050 for the electricity generated and consumed in Germany. The text also comprises annual quotas for solar, biomass, and onshore and offshore wind, which are to be regularly checked in each of Germany’s 16 federal states.


The newly-created Chinese oil and gas pipeline company PipeChina has signed an agreement with the Southern Guangdong province (China) to take over its gas pipeline network. PipeChina plans to build six trunk gas pipelines in Guangdong in 2020, with a total length of 751 km. Guangdong is China’s second-largest gas consuming province after eastern Jiangsu.

Hungarian’s national power utility MVM has auctioned 300 MW of solar capacity. The company selected 7 bidders, which will have to build the tendered projects within 2 years. The projects range in size from 300 kW to 60 MW and are worth HUF140bn (€385m).

Solar accounts for 13% of Hungary’s installed capacity, with nearly 1.3 GW (end of 2019). Almost 200 MW are under currently construction. In March 2020, the government contracted 131 MW of solar projects in its first renewable auction (89 MW of 1-20 MW projects and 43 MW of 300 kW - 1 MW projects).

Total plans to invest more than €500m to convert its 101,000 bbl/d Grandpuits refinery in Seine-et-Marne (France) into a zero-crude platform. Crude oil refining at the platform will be discontinued in the first quarter of 2021 and the storage of petroleum products will end in late 2023.

Investment manager Foresight Group has created a joint venture with the solar developer Elgin Energy to develop 6 subsidy-free solar projects in England, Wales, and Scotland (United Kingdom) with a total capacity of 200 MW. Elgin Energy has a portfolio of 62 projects in the United Kingdom in late-stage development, totalling over 2 GW, while Foresight currently manages more than 250 renewable generation assets globally (including over 150 solar projects), with a total generating capacity of 2.5 GW (of which over 1.4 GW is solar).

Infrastructure & Investments

The Bui Power Authority, which operates the 400 MW Bui hydropower plant, has launched the construction of a 250 MW solar project worth US$480m. The first 10 MW phase is expected to be completed in October 2020, while the second 40 MW phase should be operational by end-2020.

Solar accounts for 1% of Ghana’s installed capacity, with 63 MW (2019). As of September 2020, more than 200 MW are under construction and nearly 600 MW under development.

BI Energia has signed an agreement with the state government of Rio Grande do Norte (northeast Brazil) to develop a 624 MW offshore wind project in the municipalities of Touros, São Miguel do Gostoso and Pedra Grande. The project would consist of 52 wind turbines rated 12 MW each. Construction is expected to start in 2022-2023.

Greenalia has filed project and environmental planning applications for four 50 MW floating wind projects, namely Dunas, Mojo, Cardon and Guanche, located in the south-east coast of the Gran Canaria Island (Spain). Earlier in 2020, the company launched the permitting process for the 50 MW Gofio floating wind project, located on the same site.