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Future CO2 emissions levers quantification tool

Wedges tool: insights on how each lever influences emissions up to 2050.

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Future CO2 emissions levers quantification tool

The optional Wedges module enables you to acquire distinctive insights and in-depth data from EnerFuture, our Global Energy Forecasts service. It provides a better comprehension of the three scenarios EnerBase, EnerBlue and EnerGreen, developed by our experts, and the progression from one to another.


These three scenarios demonstrate the effect of several factors, such as policies, historical trends, energy demand drivers and more, on the achievement of 2050 climate goals. Wedges helps you understand how the CO2 emissions are evolving, depending on each lever: changes in production, change of energy source, expansion of wind and solar generation, and development of new sources of clean fuel.

Wedges can be used as a powerful tool for policymakers, researchers, and business analysts to assess climate policies and their efficiency.

Quantify the effects of various levers:

  • Changes in production, transport traffic, construction and more;
  • Variation in energy consumption for the same activity level;
  • Switch from fossil fuel to another energy source (e.g., from coal to gas);
  • Expansion of wind and solar in power generation sectors;
  • Development of other clean fuels (biomass and its derivatives, hydrogen, nuclear, district heating and more);
  • Penetration of CCS technologies.

Key Benefits

Understanding of the impact of each lever on the CO2 emissions variations
Usage of the globally recognised POLES Energy Forecasting Model
Comparison of three scenarios assessment in details: EnerBase, EnerBlue and EnerGreen
Availability as a module for EnerFuture or MACCs

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Aurélien PEFFEN
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Future CO2 emissions levers quantification tool
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