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Global Energy & Climate Scenarios Through 2050

Our forecasting experts just released the 2022 edition of our 2050 Global Energy & Climate scenarios.

Global Energy Scenarios - 2022 edition The analysis has been realised with :

  • New  projections to 2050 covering all EnerFuture data series: energy demand and supply, and emissions, leveraging the most recent updates of our energy scenarios:
    • The Ukrainian crisis and its impacts on fossil fuel supply and prices
    • Energy and climate policy developments, including up-to-date NDCs
    • Electrification trends
    • Penetration of renewable energies
  • Integration of historical statistics up to 2020




In addition, new developments on the POLES-Enerdata model have been made, including:

  • A refined techno-economic approach of the different energy uses in the buildings sector
  • The enhancement of the coverage of the iron and steel sector
  • A detailed integrated assessment of natural gas decarbonisation potential from biogas and hydrogen
  • New approach to scenario construction: incorporation of further demand-side decarbonisation drivers


Besides the introduction and key take-aways, the Global Energy Scenarios publication details the three Enerdata scenarios including: Enerbase (B.A.U.), EnerBlue (NDCs) and EnerGreen (2°C), with a specific conclusion for each one.

Global Energy Scenarios definition

Source: Enerfuture – Global Energy Scenarios

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