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Smart Energy & Automation

Evaluate your potential market and define your targets.

As a technology provider, you enable direct actions to optimise energy consumption in homes and businesses. To launch the most innovative and relevant technologies, you need to evaluate and quantify your target markets and their potential energy savings. To do this, you need the most reliable data:

  • detailed figures on energy consumption, drilling-down to end-use and business/industry sectors
  • trends and insights on the drivers impacting the use and implementation of your technologies, e.g: Businesses’ floor space, employee count, value added of industrial branches, and average temperatures.

Since its inception in 1991, Enerdata has developed a highly specific area of expertise.  We provide detailed, industry-leading demand data through access to annual statistics, and by creating projections based on the EnerMED model.

Enerdata can support all or part of your studies – from data collection, to model design and calibration, to analysis and reporting.

Your challenges, our expertise

Schedule a free 15-minute session to discuss your challenge with one of our energy specialists and evaluate concrete solutions.