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World LNG Database

The essentials of LNG trade at your fingertips.

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World LNG Database

World Liquefied Natural Gas Database is your portal to detailed information on global LNG trade.

The LNG database gives detailed and up-to-date list of LNG infrastructures, contracts, flows and prices. It identifies key gas companies through their shareholdings in LNG plants, highlights major projects in new gas producing and importing countries and allows to plan future LNG market developments.

What are the most active investors by country? Which countries are developing their liquefaction/regasification capacities? What are the major business deals between companies? Who are the main suppliers/clients of a given company? What are the importing/exporting prices by country?

Global coverage in all main industry areas:

  • Liquefaction plants
  • Regasification plants
  • LNG carriers
  • LNG contracts
  • Total LNG capacities
  • World LNG flows by country
  • LNG imports by country of origin
  • LNG import and export prices by country

Why Subscribe?

  • Quarterly updates
  • World coverage of the LNG industry
  • Clear and well-structured Excel database
  • Sources from top gas companies and specialised press
  • Similar information flow for each country
  • Valuable assistance from our data specialists to support your LNG analysis

Key Features

Liquefaction plants: description of existing and planned plants by development stage (see details below)
Regasification plants: description of existing and planned units by development stage (see details below)
LNG carriers and ships: description of vessels in operation and on order (see details below)
LNG contracts: importing and exporting country and company, start and end year, plateau volume in bcm/Mt and LNG contract duration
Total LNG capacities: liquefaction and/or regasification capacity by country in Mt/year
World LNG flows by country: LNG production, LNG trade balance, LNG imports and exports for each country (in mcm)
LNG imports by country of origin (mcm)
LNG import and export prices by country: import and export prices in US$/MBtu
Data export in .csv format to integrate your own databases and models

LNG Data Export

Interested in LNG database without annual subscription? Curious to know about LNG data in a specific region?

Access Enerdata’s Region Database online, the one-time data export service to acquire the latest database of a specified LNG region directly in Excel format.

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