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Global Energy Research

110 Energy and climate country reports

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Global Energy Research
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Global Energy Research is an online information service covering the energy landscapes of more than 110 countries. This service provides updated market reports with valuable analysis and indicators on oil, gas, coal and power and CO2 markets.

Global Energy Research enables you to grasp essential information about each domestic market, including policy and regulationssupply and demand, key players, projects and business perspectives. What’s more, our new user-friendly interface allows for easy country benchmarking and the creation of custom reports.

What questions can Global Energy Research answer?

Which country has the most ambitious energy efficiency policy in Europe? What are the main oil companies that are active in a given country? Have energy prices increased over the last few years? Is oil demand still growing in developing countries? Which power technologies are being developed the most in African countries? Where are the best potential markets for solar PV?

Key Benefits

Grasp a country’s energy markets and infrastructure projects in just a few clicks.
Take advantage of sound analysis conducted by energy experts.
Visualise data with insightful graphs and tables in your own custom analyses.
Create custom reports.

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