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Global Hydrogen Companies Database

Monitoring of technology providers in H2 supply chain.

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Global Hydrogen Companies Database

It lists all key companies involved along the upstream hydrogen value chain, from the production by electrolysis, up to its use in fuel cells with a focus on energy applications. Each company listed is characterised by: fact sheet, main activity, technologies addressed and target markets.

To perform in the most efficient way prospecting activities, partner research or competition benchmarking, you need to identify easily key players in the industry, as well as their positioning in the value chain. To do so, rely on our insightful database.

Key Benefits

  • Since hydrogen technologies are emerging, there is no ‘off the shelves’ historical database on key market players.
  • No need to conduct your own market research, we are doing this for you. Leveraging our extensive network in the industry, we keep gathering and updating exclusive information, now available at your fingertips.

Key Features

Full hydrogen database with the latest update
Worldwide coverage: over 1000 companies located in 42 countries
Coverage of all the value chain: from H2 production to storage to fuel cell manufacturing and includes all major technologies
Information on each company’s fields of activity: which materials, components, or systems they are developing
Specific details on these companies: size, targeted markets, etc.
Interactive interface with search and filter functions
Unlimited access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Database downloadable in Excel format

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