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Global Energy & CO2 Data

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Global Energy & CO2 Data
Annual stats from 1970 to 2021

Why bother struggling with multiple data sources? Global Energy & CO2 Data brings you the most comprehensive and up-to-date energy database, providing data and trends for all energies by sector as well as emissions for 186 countries. This database leverages the most reputable national and international information sources.

Through an exclusive update process and recognised expertise, Enerdata provides a comprehensive set of statistics and indicators on decarbonisation, electrification, global supply, demand and prices for all energies as well as GHG emissions by sector.

Why Subscribe?

  • Comprehensive
    • Annual energy and GHG data from 1970 onwards
    • Up to 2000+ data series and indicators by country
    • Coverage of all energies in 186 countries
  • Reliable
    • 30-year experience in energy balances and statistics
  • Data and indicators compliant with best international norms (International Recommendations for Energy Statistics - IRES)
  • 400+ global premium sources
  • Proven data compilation and expertise process by experienced data specialists
  • Continuously updated: 2022 data estimates available as early as March 2023!
  • Easy to use: intuitive interface, multiple data export formats and query saving
  • Compatible with your work environment
  • All data are available in raw format and downloadable in Excel and csv format*
  • Both Excel and database formats (row-oriented or column-oriented) available
  • No ruptures in time series means easier modelling work
  • Query saving to regularly fuel your model or analysis

*Limited to 125 000 values

Key Features

Global supply, demand, prices, indicators and emissions
Multi-energy approach: crude oil, oil products, gas, LNG, coal, power, renewables, heat, biomass
Production, imports/exports, demand by sector, prices and taxes
Energy balances: across country comparable simplified and detailed energy balances compliant with IRES.
Advanced data: economic and activity data, indicators
CO2 emissions by fuel, activity and industry process
CO2 information with indicators and balances by country
CH4, N2O, PFC, SF6 emissions data included
Data export in .csv format to integrate with your own databases and models

Proven Methodology

All data is compiled according to a tested process, enhanced over the years to provide the most up-to-date information.

Primary past energy data mostly comes from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Data is completed with statistics from regional organisations (Eurostat, Olade, ADB, OPEC, AUPTDE, etc) or specialised institutions (CEDIGAZ, EurObserv’ER, etc.), as well as from data from national sources (national statistics or data specially prepared by local correspondents from more than 100 partners in over 60 countries). Our international network of partners and independent research allows our analysts and data specialists to update and refine data in a timely manner.
The methodology and definitions used by Enerdata are the same as those used by the IEA and Eurostat.

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Global Energy Trends - 2022 Edition

An in-depth analysis of 2021 key figures, with projections related to the current context (post-pandemic rebound and energy crisis due to the war in Ukraine).

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