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GIZ finances EnerNEO development for Pakistan

2 Oct 2018

Enerdata is currently enhancing its EnerNEO model in a project financed by the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The model will be used by the Government of Pakistan in its climate policy process and for its NDC definition. Enerdata conducted the first EnerNEO development phase in 2017, financed by the French Development Agency (Agence Française de Développement or AFD). The next phase, also in collaboration with AFD, could start in early 2019. This phase would aim to design complete energy and emissions scenarios for Pakistan.

Energy Transition Monitoring: a new step forward

28 Aug 2018

We recently developed a process to monitor the energy transition in different countries, called EnerTraM.

A new project is now launched with the French Development Agency (AFD) to deploy this approach in 10 key emerging countries.

Ademe will develop LCoE forecasts

25 Jul 2018

In Numeri and Enerdata have been selected by Ademe to deal with LCoE of renewable technologies in France. The project aims to collect data on the actual LCoE in France over the years 2017 and 2018 (In Numeri), comparing these outputs with three countries (Germany, China, The United-States) and to develop LCoE forecasts to 2050 for all the studied technologies (Enerdata).

Enerdata has contributed to the Renewables 2018 Global Status Report, a comprehensive annual overview of the state of renewable energy published by REN21, the renewable energy policy network.

The aim of this globally recognized publication is to help drive the energy transition with renewable energies.

ADEME, in partnership with the Prefecture, the REV3 Mission, the Regional Council and the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, selected Enerdata and Energies Demain to provide new scenarios to extend the ambitions of the Third Industrial Revolution (called REV3), a new economic model based on the Energy and Ecological transition, to the new region Hauts-de-France.

Start of a new project with the Ministry of Energy of the United Arab Emirates

26 Apr 2018

Enerdata is pleased to announce a second phase of a project with the Ministry of Energy of the UAE. It consists in developing an energy management system to collect and manage energy data, and calculate energy balances. Enerdata will develop several IT tools (databases, interfaces including business intelligence tools, etc.) to help the Ministry manage energy data coming from the main stakeholders in the country.

The 1st phase was achieved in 2016, at the same time as Enerdata also developed a specific modelling tool (“EnerNEO”) for the MoE, designed to build and analyse different scenarios for energy policy development.

We are very honoured to continue to develop this partnership and support the MoE in several key initiatives!

Enerdata organized a 3 days training on the energy demand model Medpro at CONUEE (Energy Efficiency Agency) in Mexico with the support of AFD (Agence Française du Développement) and ADEME.

New step on energy scenarios and MAC curves in our cooperation with the UK Ministry of Energy

22 Mar 2018

Enerdata has been selected by the UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to provide them with Business As Usual (BAU) emissions scenarios and Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (MACCs). Since 2007, the UK ministry in charge of energy has been using Enerdata’s forecasts to update two internal models of the ministry.

In a first phase, the Global Carbon Finance (GLOCAF) model is updated with most recent BAU scenarios and MAC curves to evaluate the economic impacts of climate action and NDCs of the Paris Agreement.

The second phase of the assignment consists in updating input data of the Carbon Price Model (BCPM), which is employed to estimate future carbon prices under the EU-ETS to be used in modelling activities and for policy appraisal.

Enerdata co-authors an assessment of the impacts and feasibility of increasing the share of renewables beyond the proposed target of 27% for 2030.

Enerdata’s article on shale gas production costs aims at providing a better understanding of the potential future of shale gas in the light of the evolution of its wellhead production costs.

Launch of collaboration with IRENA on renewable energy roadmaps

1 Feb 2018

Enerdata is pleased to announce a forthcoming project with the IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency). Our analysts will assist the agency in the preparation and the elaboration of its renewable energy roadmaps worldwide.

Enerdata is assisting the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) in developing energy transition scenarios for France; one “with existing measures”, and another “with additional measures”.

New energy demand scenarios in Spain

2 Oct 2017

The Spanish Energy Agency (IDAE) is currently building new energy demand scenarios, leveraging the Enerdata expertise and MedPro bottom-up demand model.

Regional climate policies leverage energy demand modelling

2 Oct 2017

Enerdata is currently supporting two French regions (Occitanie & Hauts de France) in their 2050 prospective analysis. Scenarios include ambitious targets on energy demand reduction and on penetration of local renewable energy sources.

Enerdata leverages its tools such as MedPro to carry out the modelling of these regional energy systems.

I4CEIFPEN and Enerdata published a policy brief on the reform of the EU ETS for the post-2020 period.

Produced within the framework of the research program COPEC II and provides a syntehsis of key results from a report that will be published later in October 2017.

Enerdata, member of the German Energy Council (Weltenergierat), wrote up an article for the organization’s annual publication ‘Energie für Deutschand 2017’ (in German language).

Enerdata is contributing to a project focused on climate change adaptation for the French energy efficiency agency ADEME.

Enerdata contributed to a project for the European Commission DG Energy aiming to build early estimates on yearly energy data.

The early estimates were produced in August 2016, 6 months before the publication of Eurostat’s official 2015 energy data. They were calculated for all the EU countries for the main energy balance components as well as the renewable energy share in gross final energy consumption and in gross electricity generation.

Modelling the Tunisian Solar Plan using MedPro

5 Apr 2017

The Tunisian National Agency for Energy Management (ANME), with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), selected Enerdata to help modelling the Tunisian Solar Plan using the MedPro model.

Enerdata assists Mexico’s energy efficiency agency (CONUEE) in monitoring its energy efficiency policies

3 Apr 2017

This project aims to assist Mexico's energy efficiency agency, CONUEE, in past and long-term evaluations of its energy efficiency policy and to test new efficiency measures.


Enerdata selected by the French Development Agency (AFD) for a project with the Pakistani Ministry of Water and Power

28 Mar 2017

Enerdata just started working for the Pakistani Ministry of Water and Power to deliver an energy and climate planning tool (Ener-NEO) as well as 4 long term energy sector carbon emissions scenarios.
This technical assistance is financed and supervised by the French Development Agency (AFD) as part of a budgetary program to support the Government of Pakistan 's Energy reform.

Enerdata selected to provide the UK BEIS Department with emissions scenarios and MACC

9 Mar 2017

Enerdata is launching a new project this month to provide the UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) with Business As Usual (BAU) emissions scenarios and Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (MACCs). Since 2007, the UK ministry in charge of energy has commissioned Enerdata to produce such data to update two internal models of the ministry.

Enerdata is a partner of the EU Building Stock Observatory project alongside BPIE, ECN, Ecofys, Seven and the support of 20 other organizations.

This project aims at providing a comprehensive snapshot of the building stock characteristics in Europe.

Leveraging its new Monthly Energy Database, Enerdata unveils its latest analysis on 2016 half year global energy market trends.

ZEBRA 2020 project updates the datatools which offer a user-friendly presentation of indicators related to building activities in Europe.

Enerdata largely contributed to multiple publications of the Insight_E observatory throughout the year 2015. In partnership with Enerdata experts, several publications have been released, including the Market Stability Reserve: Assessing Reform Needs and Possible Impacts on the EU ETS, the Analysing RES support mechanisms in the EU post-2020, the Shale Gas for Europe study and the Analysis of opportunities and barriers for Mideast gas.

Enerdata has been a key figure in the ENTRANZE project consortium, which has as objective to support policy making for zero-energy buildings (NZEB) and renewable heating and cooling (RES-H/C) within existing national building stocks by providing necessary data, analysis and guidelines.

We are proud to announce that Frederic BAULE has agreed to join our teams on an associate basis in order to support Enerdata’s development.

Enerdata is pleased to announce the opening of a new office located in the core of Singapore Business District Hub and the appointment of Mr. Antonio Della Pelle as its new Managing Director Asia Pacific.

Best practices for benchmarking energy efficiency trends, policies and measures given in our free webinar taking place on the 20 of June, 15.30 - 17.00 CET.

Canadian Enerdata Ltd. is holding a conference on the opportunities and challenges facing Canadian crude oil from both a global and domestic standpoint. The forum is to take place from the 22nd - 23rd of May in Calgary, Canada.

Enerdata in partnership with The Clean Energy Solutions Center invites you to join a free online training on key regulatory issues associated with the deployment of smart grids.

Enerdata will be holding a stand (Hall D, no. BG4-08) at the upcoming internal oil & gas industry event in Marina Bay Sands.

Enerdata will host a conference together with partner EasyM Technology and Consulting at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental in Korea.

Mr. Château, President of Enerdata, will be presenting final results obtained for the paradigm shift in the urban energy and transport nexus, together with research institutes NERI and sMASH.

Mr. Château, President of Enerdata, will be giving a presentation on possible low carbon futures over the next 30 to 50 years.

Enerdata offers energy expertise at no cost through Clean Energy Solutions Center (CESC); a clearinghouse of global policy best practices, data reports and analysis tools.

Intervention of Bertrand Château, President of Enerdata, on the results of the quantification of the 4 new energy scenario of the WEC at 2050.

This study, which uses the world energy model POLES, bears on the energy issues by 2050 posed by the prospect of climate change and by the downgrading of the availability of energy resources, especially fossil ones.