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Training in Morocco on the interpretation of energy efficiency indicators commissioned by ADEME

As part of the European MeetMED project bringing together the Energy Efficiency Agencies of seven Mediterranean countries, ADEME commissioned Enerdata to train the teams of the AMEE (Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency) in the interpretation of energy efficiency indicators. The participants' objectives were to go through all the sectoral indicators (Transport, Industry, Residential, Tertiary, Energy) and to complete calculation and interpretation exercises. 

Prior to launching a prospective exercise, or monitoring public energy-climate policies, countries need to gather a large amount of macroeconomic and sectoral data to analyse the major past trends. But this data is sometimes incomplete or presents significant discontinuities. It is therefore essential to know how to process it, as it is then used to generate complex calculations to obtain indicators or analyses that decompose the effects. 

Enerdata leveraged its experience in data collection and processing as well as its know-how in calculating energy efficiency indicators to create an educational and participative training course. Indeed, our teams are confronted daily with problems of data quality or indicator interpretation, which enables us to enhance efficiency and precision in our practical cases and exercises. Moreover, we have numerous training courses to our credit on various subjects, including energy-climate forecasting, energy models, energy policies, territorialisation, indicators, decomposition of effects, and so on.

To ensure that this training was effective and relevant, Enerdata developed and delivered specific training materials as well as Excel or interpretation exercises on energy intensity, structural effects, decomposition of effects, simulation of vehicle fleets and reconstitution of energy consumption from stocks. Our experts led the training and discussions and supervised the exercises.