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Power Plant Tracker

The most up-to-date power generation database.

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Power Plant Tracker
85% of the world’s capacities covered
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Updated continuously

Power Plant Tracker is a powerful database tool with time-saving analytics built-in. Use it to screen and benchmark power generation development, assets, and companies covering 85% of the world's power capacity.

Put the latest detailed information to use for your business, including country and company analytics, and a built-in, five-year power-mix forecast you won't find anywhere else. Gain an accurate, updated view of power capacity added year-after-year in 127 countries, sorted by fuel, technology, and company.

Who are the most active investors in Mexico? Which countries in Asia are developing their power capacity the fastest? What is the power plant fleet of South Africa? What are the capacity, production, and CO2 emissions of a specific plant in Canada? What will be the power mix evolution over the next five years in India, or in all of Asia? Which countries have the most ambitious renewables policies?


2024 Updates

  • Further coverage of wind power plant in China
  • Deep mapping of players (mother companies and subsidiaries*)

* Available on demand

Key Benefits

Exclusive performance indicators (production, load factor, emissions)
Five-year power-mix and capacity forecasts at country level
Identification of the most active companies and operators by country and technology
Plant and storage facility status continually updated by Enerdata analysts
Robust data to use in your own power demand models

Key Features

  • Covers 127 countries
  • Key info on each power plant, including:
    • Plant name, country and commissioning year
    • Location: GPS coordinates, map location and technical details
    • Energy, technology and net capacity
      • 40 types of technologies covered
    • CO2 emissions (35 European countries + USA, Canada, Australia and India), production and load factor (60 countries around the world)
    • Financial details: project owner, major shareholders, share of equity and investment figures where available
  • Country dashboard: main power data for any of 127 countries. Energy storage technology mix between mechanical storage, electricity storage, and thermal storage technologies, as well as H2 electrolysis capacities. Operational Capacities and New Capacity Projects featuring new interactive tables and graphs, exportable. Adapted technical features including energy capacity and discharge duration
  • Company dashboard: strategy, assets and footprint for main power companies around the world
  • Plant dashboard: Status, key technical information, trends (production, load factor, emissions)
  • Power plant analytics: Identify asset development in a single snapshot
  • Details on current and past renewable energy policies throughout Europe
  • Energy storage:
    • Storage tracking dataset covering operational and planned facilities.
    • Includes mechanical, electricity, chemical and thermal technologies, and offers information on energy and power installed capacity, discharge duration, CAPEX, status, technology, commissioning year, grid operator and project operator.
    • Indication of plants featuring the Carbon Capture Storage – CCS – technology
  • Continual project status follow-up: planned, under development, under construction, testing, commissioned, stopped, cancelled and mothballed
  • Interface Functionalities: Newsfeed displaying all relevant power generation information
  • Data exportable to Excel:
    • Export in Excel format to integrate with your own databases and models
  • Multi-criteria search functions for projects:
    • Plant status, date of commissioning, energy, technology and capacity
    • Company and / or country
  • Save Searches to easily repeat later
  • Daily notification by email: fine-tuned market watch process providing information on the latest power facilities updated in the database, including:
    • Status changes : financial investment decisions, construction starts, commissionings, closures
    • Planning changes on commissioning or decommissioning
    • New units
  • Easy access to hydrogen data; data on electricity storage and H2 electrolysis
Power Mix


Use our embedded module to build advanced analytics on your selection of power plants.

This module includes:

  • Country breakdowns
  • Country analyses
  • Country planning
  • Power mix evolution
  • Renewable energies
  • Storage capacities
Country Dashboard Power Generation

Country Dashboard

The module gives a snapshot view of key data by country (127 countries covered):

  • Overview
  • New capacities, installed capacities, emissions, power generation and efficiency from 1990 onwards
  • Operational capacities, planned capacities, and those under construction
  • Power plant technology mix
  • Production and storage of operational capacities, planned capacities, and those under construction
  • Power plant and storage technology mix
Company dashboard - PPT

Company Dashboard

This module provides strategy, operational and financial indicators for power companies around the world.

  • Interactive map of assets for 200+ companies
    • Detailed information for main European, Asian and American power companies
  • Strategy, organisational charts, shareholders and investments
  • Installed capacities and power generation by energy and by country
  • Company structure and range of activities
  • Company footprint by country
  • Tables, graphs and data exportable to your analysis
Renewable Energy Policy Monitoring

Renewable Energy Policy Monitoring

This module allows for detailed, country-level policy monitoring throughout Europe.

  • Country policy overview
  • Feed-in tariffs (FiT), feed-in premiums (FiP), contracts for difference (CfDs), green certificates (GC), renewable obligations and auctions/tenders results
  • Hydro, wind, solar, biomass/biogas, geothermal and CHP
  • Clear graphs of policy coverage
  • Regular updates
Storage Data

Focus on Storage Data

Benefit from a global coverage on power storage capacities: installed capacities, discharge duration, CAPEX (Capital Expenditure), status, technology, commissioning year, grid operator and project operator, and more.

Hydrogen Power Generation

Focus on Hydrogen

Power Plant Tracker covers all hydrogen technologies either as energy source, or as storage capacity.

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