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Energy Transition

Shape your energy and climate policies.

The whole world is facing the climate challenge and is now engaging into decarbonisation, each country defining its own pathways to reach global targets. The energy transition relies on the commitment of global organisations, countries, and individuals to define and follow the steps to move in the common direction of emissions mitigation.

The first NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions defined at the 2015 Paris Agreement) aimed at a modest target of containing climate change to +3°C. The latest NDCs, published in 2020, do show progress, but achieving them would only represent 30 to 40% of what is needed to meet the 2050 2°C goal.

Enerdata has invested in analysing global energy markets in order to help public authorities build energy and climate policies while supporting industrial actors in adapting their business strategies.

This approach to understanding energy markets has been extended to analyse GHG emissions for government bodies to shape their energy/climate policies, and financial institutions and investors to redirect to green projects.

At local level, this expertise is completed with a deep understanding of energy drivers by sector, along with Enerdata’s capacity to support the design of energy efficiency policies and assess their impact on energy demand and CO2 emissions.


Three core teams:

  • Global Energy Forecasting
  • Energy Efficiency and Demand
  • Clean Tech


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Our energy and climate experts are available to discuss your challenges and assess how we could support you in the success of your project.