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EVALUATE: Economic Valuation for Trading Emissions

A fast and robust tool assessing costs and emission reductions of climate policies at global, national and sectoral levels.

EVALUATE: Economic Valuation for Trading Emissions

EVALUATE is a tool designed to facilitate climate policy design in the framework of international climate change negotiations, specifically related to countries’ commitment targets (based on sectoral marginal abatement costs). EVALUATE is able to effectively support negotiations and improve understanding of contributing countries ambitions, quantify emission reductions as well as estimate costs and trade volumes by sector for different countries.

Overall, EVALUATE enables to quickly assess the country and sectoral-level impacts from carbon permit trading (national and international), carbon taxes, regulations and climate finance.


EVALUATE is used by the World Bank (Washington) and Brazilian Government:

  •  WB/Enerdata side-event on “Quantifying the Impact of NDCs on Carbon Prices and sectors” at Carbon Expo 2016 (Cologne)
  • Official presentation made by the EU with GLOCAF and CMT results.