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AERO: Abatement Effort, emissions Reduction Options

Assessment of climate policies and emission reduction efforts.

AERO: Abatement Effort, emissions Reduction Options

By understanding measures and drivers leading to emission reductions. Enerdata has developed the AERO model in response to the rise of carbon policies and low emitting investments in developing countries (CDMs, NAMAs). AERO provides emission reduction options as well as the associated costs which develop in a country under different energy and climate policies.

Key Features

  • Coverage: 66 countries, 12 sectors covering industry, energy, buildings, agriculture and transport
  • 6 greenhouse gases: CO2, CH4, N2O, SF6, PFCs and HFCs
  • 13 reduction options including energy efficiency, fossil fuel switch, CSS, etc.
  • Tabular and graphical visualisation of results
  • Applications:
    • Assessing cost-efficient policies at national level, including policies to promote and technologies to develop
    • Quantifying the sensitivity of future investments to carbon taxation
    • Identifying new market opportunities and their sensitivity to carbon regulation


  • Development of the AERO model: production of energy scenarios and detailed MACCs. Study of technological options beyond MACCs in key countries.