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Custom Market, Competitive and Technology Intelligence

Your customised energy and climate watch, designed and operated by energy experts.

Custom Market, Competitive and Technology Intelligence

Don’t miss out on strategic energy information. Get to the point.

Anticipate market trends and shifts. Benefit from a bespoke solution, with your sources and items of interest, brought to your audience with the media and frequency of your choice. Our energy experts validate and check the best sources, processing and analysing information to bring you only essential news and signals about your market and its players.


  • For a leading European energy company, we have created a bespoke database on transport and distribution of regulated energies (electricity and natural gas) enabling to dive into the Regulated Asset Base (RAB) schemes in Europe, as well as an analysis of TSO and DSO in major world countries.
  • For European Defence Ministry monitoring of energy-related geopolitical issues
  • For a leading Japanese equipment manufacturer daily monitoring of new power generation trends and technologies
  • For a leading European energy agency: monthly monitoring of the energy transition for a selection of key stakeholders
  • For a top European TSO: daily watch of 100 key suppliers, including information from the field. Weekly newsletter sent out to users and monthly strategic analysis provided to the board
  • For the government of Singapore: policy/regulatory watch of the Asia-Pacific region, made available to seven Singaporean ministries


Bespoke database on utilities and RAB

Database on utilities and RAB

Data preview - intelligence solution

data preview - intelligence solution