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EnerTraM - Energy Transition Monitoring

Deep-dive Analysis of the Energy Transition in Emerging Markets


EnerTraM is an innovative new subscription service that provides a set of detailed country reports, offering granular analysis of actual, proven energy transition progress. EnerTraM currently analyses nine of the most relevant emerging markets, and coverage can be expanded to suit your needs.

Take advantage of Enerdata’s expertise to see a complete picture of the energy transition.

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  • Each report gives a deep dive into the country in question, crafted by Enerdata experts – meaning there’s no noise, only pertinent data.
  • Three robust scenarios leverage our internationally recognised POLES model, providing trajectories not available anywhere else.
  • Comprehensive, granular, and reliable information geared specifically toward energy and climate professionals
  • Vivid, relevant graphs for each section, as well as analytical comments from our experts give ready answers to the most important questions for each country.

Key Features

  • Data-driven inventory of Paris Agreement pledges, detailing actual, proven progress – not just plans
  • Transition trajectories through 2050 detailed by sector and by branch


  • Energy
  • Electricity
  • Buildings
  • Transport
  • Industry


  • Steel
  • Chemical
  • Non-metallic mineral industries
  • Road Transport and Other Transport
  • Residential
  • Services
  • Trajectories are elaborated through our robust scenario-based approach, leveraging the proprietary and internationally recognised POLES model

Key Benefits

  • Put your trust in our unbiased research, analyses and forecasting – as an independent company, we provide a neutral prospective, free of politics.
  • Our methodology is explained clearly.
  • Get an at-a-glance understanding of the situation in each country from Country Overviews and Key Indicators, then dive into the detail with charts, analyses and explanations.
  • Use reports to benchmark against other forecasts or your own data.
  • Save time and skip the hassle of searching, checking and compiling various sources.
  • We fully revise and update each report annually.


Countries Covered

9 countries (more available on demand)


Country List



Latin America





South Africa


If you are interested in EnerTraM reports for countries not listed here, please contact us.


Country Overview - Paris climate agreement commitment

Country overview Paris Climate Agreement

Country Dashboard - Key indicators

Key indicators

Sectoral Analysis - Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

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