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Energy Transition Monitoring

Enerdata hosted a webinar on Energy Transition Monitoring in emerging markets on 17th December 2019.

Our presentation and the recorded version of the webinar are available for download here.

Under the current institutional and political context, energy and climate policies are more than ever on the international and national agendas, and tracking the progress of countries or regions towards a more sustainable and decarbonized energy system is essential in order to understand how “effective” the energy transition is.

Enerdata proposes to leverage its capabilities in terms of data, modelling and analysis in order to offer a product based on a set of competences and tools which would enable a systemic analysis of energy transitions for developed, emerging and developing economies.

set of dashboardsThe goal of the Energy Transition Monitoring (EnerTraM) tool and report are to enable key energy actors to understand and evaluate energy transition paths through the development of a transparent methodology.

EnerTraM is combining ex post and ex ante analyses, i.e. historical data1 with foresight exercises2, and identify the potential gaps or necessary trajectory changes implied by sustainable transitions. Quantitative and qualitative information, including experts’ analysis on national and sectoral actions, enrich the data at each pyramidal level.

EnerTraM has already been applied to 4 countries (France, Mexico, Vietnam and Senegal), and Enerdata is currently adding new ones.




Vietnam CO2 and GHG emissions

vietnam co2 and ghg emissions

Mexico Overview

Mexico overview


2 More details on EnerFuture scenarios


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