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Energy Intensive Industries

Quantify your P&L and locate your facilities strategically.

Energy-intensive industries (EIIs) have the difficult task of coping with the significant energy use required to develop our economy.

Your key role in producing goods and materials for other sectors is revealed by the parallel growth in both industrial energy consumption and global GDP over the past decades.


Therefore, if your business operates in the steel, glass, cement, chemicals, engineering, or automotive sector, you are highly concerned by global energy prices and decarbonisation trends.

Today, you are under increasing pressure to reduce your energy costs and tackle the energy transition to remain competitive.

To quantify your expenses and profit in the context of long investment cycles, you require precise and timely information on energy prices, complemented by insightful projections. To set up the most efficient facilities, you need to benchmark countries in terms of energy systems, security of supply, and regulations. Understanding trends in energy efficiency and carbon emissions allows you to position your business vis-à-vis the broader market, and to turn the challenges of decarbonisation to your advantage.  

Enerdata provides the latest and most reliable energy and climate insights, fitted to your needs. Our information services grant you access to substantiated data and projections at the global and country levels, and drilling down to sectors, industrial branches and end uses.

Your challenges, our expertise

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