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360° view of energy transition at world and country level.

As a consultancy firm during the energy transition, you have a lot on your plate. You are committed to serving your existing clients in the best way possible, winning tenders to expand your opportunities and recognition, or issuing accurate credit ratings that take decarbonisation potentials into account.

To accomplish all of this, you need an expert partner specialised in energy and climate data, modelling, and forecasting.

That’s where Enerdata comes in.

We provide the latest and most reliable energy and climate information from an independent perspective, enabling you to advise your clients, no matter what their goals – from energy companies and industry players, to public and private investors.

The combination of Enerdata’s big-picture view of all energies worldwide, plus your detailed knowledge of the countries where you operate, allows for the development of custom energy and climate scenarios, and ideally positions you to win tenders and international projects.

Your challenges, our expertise

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