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Energy Market Forecast

Providing the outlook of an energy commodity in mid to long term time horizons.

Enerdata assists clients in evaluating the future outlook of the global oil, gas, power and coal markets. Enerdata uses its world leading POLES model to tailor a variety of forecast scenarios to the needs of governments, institutions and listed companies alike.


Enerdata is able to provide exclusive insight on energy market interactions in 66 different countries and regions. Depending on the preference of the client, Enerdata often advises on the following:


Prospective Analysis of Energy Demand for Schneider Electric


  • For ECF, an international organisation: Enerdata was involved as technical partner within this project, led by the 2050 Pathways Platform, to support Morocco in developing its long-term climate strategy. Two phases are planned: the elaboration of a long-term vision and the development of a low-carbon strategy.
  • For a global energy utility: Enerdata was tasked with making strategic recommendations in light of the EC’s GHG40 Scenario from the Jan-2014 Impact Assessment. Enerdata delivered three alternative scenarios using the POLES model and associated analysis with additional policies concerning energy efficiency and renewables. Enerdata advised on the implications of including energy efficiency and renewables policies on top of an emissions objective in 2030. A variety of indicators, including total the resulting costs were drawn up in order to support the client in making strategic decisions.

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