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Energy Transition Scenarios

Enerdata guides you through pathways to reach climate targets.

The climate constraint has never been more intense, with global commitments (COP), regional policies (EU) and instruments (carbon markets). How to achieve those goals while maintaining a country’s competitiveness? What are the most effective sectors to leverage? To which extent should there be a shift in the power mix? Offering a 360° view of the energy markets as well as sensitivity analysis on climate policies, Enerdata provides independent scenario-based pathways assessment, with our expertise and your assumptions.


Carbon neutrality scenarios for ADEME


  • The French Ministry of Energy needed support in implementing its two energy transition scenarios. Enerdata participated in the creation and the verification of both scenarios, and was additionally tasked with modelling the industrial sector using the EnerMED Model. These two scenarios were subsequently used to assess major French laws, strategies and programmes, with the findings reported to both Europe and the United Nations.
  • For a national ministry of energy: The client required reliable information to define policies for a successful energy transition. Enerdata leveraged the knowledge of its local experts and the EnerMED model to construct scenarios for forecasting the future energy mix. After presenting the results, the client could establish key assumptions for shaping and assessing appropriate policy decisions, and sharing them with the public.

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