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Implementation of energy transition scenarios for the DGEC

Enerdata supports the Directorate General for Energy and Climate (DGEC) of the Ministry of Ecological Transition ("MTE") in the implementation of energy transition scenarios: one scenario "with existing measures" (AME) and another one "with additional measures" (AMS).

Enerdata contributes to the development and the consistency check of these scenarios by producing prospective energy balances as well as monitoring indicators. Enerdata is also in charge of modelling the industrial sector with the EnerMED model.  

This work is part of an integrated forecasting exercise conducted for several years by the DGEC covering the fields of energy, raw materials, climate (greenhouse gas emissions) and air (atmospheric pollutants).

The new AME and AMS 2023 scenarios will be used by the DGEC to feed the reflections on the revision of the French Energy and Climate strategy (SFEC), via the first Energy and Climate Programming Law (LPEC), the updating of the National Low Carbon Strategy (SNBC3) and the Multiannual Energy Programming (PPE) by 2024. At the international level, the prospective exercise will serve France's reporting requirements to the European institutions and the United Nations.