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World Energy Information

We offer worldwide energy information split by country for more than 110 countries. In this section you will find key macro-economic indicators, daily updated country-related news, as well as interactive energy production and consumption graphs and charts, with breakdown by sector, for oil (crude oil and oil products), natural gas, coal, power generation (including renewables), and CO2 emissions.

Comprehensive country-specific energy reports make up the core of our country portfolios. They cover all energies and highlighting policies, key actors, current issues and future prospects. Additionally, we include all the country data in separate and exportable Excel files, using our Global Information Services suite: detailed data series and dashboards on all energies at country level, CO2 emissions, national forecasts following the EnerFuture prospective scenarios (for some countries), and power plants capacities and performances from our Power Plant Tracker.

Additional datasets are available for many countries, such as LNG assets and a refineries database.