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Power System Flexibility

An electricity grid adapted to energy supply and demand.

To limit climate change, the transition to a low-carbon energy mix will require the electrification of our economy, the development of variable renewable energies and the phase-out of dispatchable thermal power plants.

This redesign of energy sources will seriously impact our electricity grid, thus developing the need to increase its flexibility.

Grid flexibility enables to provide upward and downward power adjustments to the electricity grid thanks to a portfolio of technologies (e.g. batteries, power-to-grid…), services (e.g. demand response), and market designs (e.g. capacity markets).

For companies targeting the flexibility market (e.g. project developers, software developers, electricity suppliers), the wide panel of technologies with their specific market design make the whole complex. Moreover, each country has its own regulations, impacting the roles and scope of market players. As a result, it can be difficult for an American company, for instance, to apprehend the European energy market and vice-versa.

Thus, if you struggle in your market study and your implementation, wondering what is the valuable market for my technology? What is the potential ROI when entering international markets?  What is the regulatory context of the targeted countries? How are deployed renewables in these countries, and what is the impact on the storage needs? then Enerdata’s Clean Tech experts can support you in your study.

Indeed, unlike many reports and analysis tending to focus on only a single aspect of the problem (e.g., battery storage, hydrogen, demand response), we, at Enerdata, will be applying a holistic approach.

We have developed an independent expertise, and capitalised data in most of the grid flexibility portfolio (e.g. Power plant trackers, Hydrogen database, price forecasting services and more) and use it to provide custom consulting for our customers.

We analyse and compare the market design and the flexibility ecosystem (e.g. resources / mechanisms) of any technology, in any country, including:

  • Market size estimation
  • Support to internationalisation
  • Impact analysis
  • Scenario building
  • Revenue simulation

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