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Sustainable Finance

Assess the decarbonisation potential of economic sectors and energy companies.

As a financial player, you need to assess how the energy transition and climate change are reshuffling the cards in terms of asset valuation and investment strategies. In order to efficiently allocate your capital, you need to evaluate the risks and opportunities associated with transitioning to a zero-carbon economy.

Defining your Net-Zero strategy matters all the more as the financial system is under the spotlight, playing an increasing role in mobilising capital in service of the energy transition. Because there is no ready-made path to Net Zero, and because climate finance regulations are changing fast, you need to develop your own vision by drawing on accurate data and cutting-edge modelling tools.

Enerdata offers energy and climate data and modelling expertise to help you address these challenges.

We provide substantiated, comprehensive, and up-to-date information disaggregated by sector, country, and end-use. Our forecasting scenarios can be customised on-demand to design your long-term investment strategy and calibrate portfolio indicators aligned with your sustainability commitments. They can be used to perform scenario benchmarks

In addition, our upcoming, innovative GEEMO model allows you to rigorously assess the impacts of energy and climate variables on economic sectors at granular levels.

Finally, Enerdata’s advanced indicators allow you to evaluate decarbonisation sector by sector, down to the level of industrial branches and, for the electric power sector, even companies. (Indicators include GHG emissions, carbon factors, the shares of assets invested in renewables, and more.)

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