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NDC Evaluation

Quantified simulation and analysis of pledges for climate change negotiations.

Now that global climate commitments are being reviewed, it is vital for governments to have all cards in hands to successfully negotiate the best pathways towards decarbonisation. Enerdata developed comprehensive models to provide a robust assessment of country’s pledges and effort evaluation as well as implications (at country or sectoral levels): optimal cost estimation, carbon value, global investment needs. We also elaborate insightful pledges’ benchmarks with other countries.


NDC Evaluation for the World Bank and the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment


For the World Bank and the Brazilian Ministry of Environment: Assessment of Intended National Determined Contributions (iNDCs) of G20 . Read the Enabling Simple Economic Assessments of NDCS developed by Enerdata with the World Bank, Brasilia Office.

Analysis of all types of climate change mitigation pledges by 2030 and assessment of economic and sectoral impacts. Estimation of the remaining gap to the global 2°C.


Evaluate key country indicators

Key Indicators-Evaluate Model

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