Energy efficiency & CO2 reduction: how to measure energy savings?

Energy efficiency and CO2 emissions reductionNational and regional authorities are expanding programs and measures regarding change in energy consumption trends, energy efficiency improvement, and CO2 emissions abatement. This training aims to clarify these objectives, and gives participants key insights into understanding and applying the methods used to measure energy efficiency, and CO2 reduction performances.






At the conclusion of this seminar, participants will have:

  • A clear understanding of national objectives on energy consumption, renewable energy efficiency and CO2 abatement;
  • A knowledge of basic methods used in measuring and benchmarking the progress achieved regarding energy saving and CO2 reduction;
  • An ability to apply those methods to evaluate the success of energy efficiency / CO2 abatement programmes.


Who will benefit


The training is intended for managers and staffs of governments and other relevant agencies at the national, regional and local levels that work on sustainable development, energy efficiency, climate change, and renewables. It is also intended for managers of companies in the energy sector impacted by energy efficiency and CO2 reduction initiatives.


Teaching method


Conferences will be completed with case studies. It implies a strong interaction with the participants. They will include quality support materials.


Training content


Session 1 - Energy Consumption & CO2 emissions
Session 2 - Measurement & comparison of the overall energy efficiency
Session 3 - Energy efficiency & energy savings calculation
Session 4 - Synthesis : the energy consumption drivers