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Low Carbon Technologies Watch

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Low Carbon Technologies Watch

The energy transition relies on energy efficiency and electrification. Both require the development of new clean and efficient technologies, updated policy frameworks and industrial ecosystems.

The actors involved in developing and commercialising new technologies are constantly navigating through shifting sands. Markets are evolving so rapidly and with such uncertainty that professionals must closely monitor market trends and the broader ecosystem.

To stay ahead in your market, you need to establish a habit of learning news from various perspectives: the transition from thermal to renewable sources, political developments, emerging opportunities, and new players.

Low-Carbon Technology Watch simplifies your work and allows you to focus your time and energy on your core competencies. Receive weekly emails containing all relevant news tailored to your specific needs.

Key Benefits

Stay updated on your market, your competitors’ strategies, and the latest innovations worldwide.
Ensure you don’t miss any critical information.
Identify the most active companies and providers in each region.
Receive the latest and most relevant insights carefully curated by topic expert analysts.
Benefit from analytic report summaries such as new technology development and sectoral trend analysis, written by our team of analysts.
Deliverables: a weekly newsletter and a monthly digest.
Optional: a daily newsletter instead of a weekly one.

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