Enerdata’s Global Energy Forecast team recently published its 2017 EnerFuture scenarios update, which provides a comprehensive expert insight for strategic business planning and policy making.

In this context, Enerdata, will host a webinar about World Energy Scenarios which will introduce the 3 main energy scenarios followed by a focus on Asia, Africa and Europe.

Example of key topics that will be addressed:

  • 3/4 of the demand growth over 2015-2040 will come from Asia, and 15% from Africa (Ener-Blue, +3-4°)
  • One kWh of power generated will produce 75% less CO2 emission in 2040 vs 2015, (Ener-Green, +2°)
  • Universal electricity access in Africa by 2030 would require 7% of the global investments needs for the energy sector
  • A 2°C scenario implies a strong reduction of the fossil fuels in the energy mix (Ener-Green)


Daily Energy News

The US-based company Xcel Energy has announced plans to develop four new wind parks totalling 1.8 GW in three states, on top of a US$2.5bn investment in seven wind parks adding 1.55 GW in several US Northern states (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa) announced earlier in March 2017.

Brazilian oil and gas group Petrobras unveiled losses of BRL14.8bn (around US$4.8bn) in 2016. This figure has improved by 57% compared with the 2015 losses figure which amounted to BRL34.8bn but the company still needs to reduce its debt which is currently estimated at US$96.4bn.



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