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Power CAPEX and Renewables LCOE Module

Weigh investment decisions leveraging thousands of data points and meaningful averages.

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Power CAPEX and Renewables LCOE Module

CAPEX and LCOE is a module of Enerdata’s Power Plant Tracker database. It is the most insightful tool to make informed decisions about which technologies to invest in and where.

In just a few clicks, access unique, premium data on both thermal and renewable power generation costs. Put our detailed, reliable information to use and benchmark your project.


Power Plant Tracker’s new module provides exclusive insights on both Capital Expenditure and Levelised Cost of Electricity:

LCOE – Analyse the evolution of Levelised Cost of Electricity by technology, and by country or region

  • Definition:

The LCOE is a calculation used to compare the cost of electricity production among different technologies.

LCOE represents the aggregate of a power generation asset’s costs during its lifetime.

The cost is assumed to be constant throughout the years and is expressed in USD/MWh or EUR/MWh.

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CAPEX – Analyse the evolution of overnight Capital Expenditure costs by technology and by country or region. Benchmark with your own projects’ costs.

  • Definition:

Capital Expenditures, also called overnight costs, are the initial investment required to build a generating asset, i.e. the cost of investing in a power plant without taking into account the financial costs (interest rates) or the structure of financing (equity (WACC) vs. debt). The concept of overnight costs is common in energy economics.

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Key Benefits

Determine which country/region is best to invest in for a given technology
Determine which technology is best to invest in a given country/region
No estimates, only sound data
Reliable and meaningful data
Country-level averages from ministries, energy agencies and associations
Thousands of data points from Power Plant Tracker - the industry's most up-to-date power generation database
Exclusive averages and indicators available in just a couple of clicks
Designed, processed, tested and checked by Enerdata experts
Ready-to-use data to easily export and integrate into your own forecasting models
Coverage: worldwide with focus on G20 for the LCOE module

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