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Independent analysis on Green Hydrogen for Climate Works Foundation

Climate Works Foundation (CWF) is an NGO “on a mission to end the climate crisis by amplifying the power of philanthropy”. They aim at “accelerating climate solutions that scale” and finance projects over 50 countries worldwide.

Renewable or “green” hydrogen is among the solutions that help to tackle climate change, and CWF wanted to have an independent and fact-based analysis on 9 key topics relevant to their mission:

  • What are the geopolitics of green hydrogen?
  • Limits and risks of green hydrogen
  • Readiness of the different technologies and application – hype vs. reality
  • Can H2 ever be as lucrative as oil and gas?
  • How is the policy landscape evolving for renewable hydrogen in Europe and beyond?
  • Will Europe’s gas crisis speed the transition to clean energy and the adoption of green H2?
  • What raw materials are needed for the green hydrogen revolution, and how can they be secured?
  • Energy storage potential of renewable H2
  • Intersections of green hydrogen with the food system, ammonia in particular

Our hydrogen experts leveraged their knowledge and experience, as well as our internal databases, combined with specific desk research on these topics. They compiled information into executive briefing with the relevant links to bibliography. They presented the results to our customer through interactive webinars, with dedicated Q&A sessions to help them consolidate their understanding and strategy on green hydrogen.