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Enerdata has co-signed a manifesto for sufficiency in Europe.

Together with 75 other European organisations, we are calling on the European Commission to make sufficiency a central element of the European strategy.

Energy sufficiency plays a crucial role in reducing the costs of decarbonisation, strengthening Europe’s energy and critical materials sovereignty, and building resilience to crises. Additionally, ensuring energy sufficiency is crucial for guaranteeing equal access to resources for all individuals and improving the overall quality of life for Europeans.

Through our projects, we are witnessing growing support for sufficiency from the scientific community and citizens’ assemblies, as well as the integration of these issues into the strategies of local authorities and companies. Sufficiency remains yet largely absent from European policies. This is why the manifesto calls on the Commission to propose a sufficiency strategy as part of the next legislative cycle. It puts forward recommendations for integrating sufficiency into governance and targets for 2040, as well as into the Union's sectoral policies. It thus provides a framework for mobilising sufficiency at all levels across Europe.