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Raiffeisen Bank relies on Odyssee for their green loans.

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In today’s world, financial institutions must transform themselves to align with new directives that help foster a sustainable economy. In green loans, lies an effective solution that can help assist in achieving a decarbonised future. Green loans are essentially loans offered by financial institutions to service sustainable projects. They aim at supporting energy transition along with resource conservation. 

Our client since 2021, Raiffeisen Bank shares these objectives and actively engages in developing an ecosystem grounded in environmental preservation. To accelerate their projects surrounding this we offered them The Odyssee database, included in our Intelligence and Data Platform. 

The Odyssee-Mure project monitors policy measures and energy efficiency trends all over Europe. The Odyssee database has been developed and maintained by Enerdata in the framework of the Odyssee-Mure project, coordinated by ADEME. It provides sectorial data as well as specific indicators that not only help financial institutions like Raiffeisen to benchmark and formulate policies accordingly, but also understand trends and data at a granular level. It is supported by LIFE-CET program of the European Commission and is involved in the operations of the EnR Club. The data is provided by 30 partners from all EU countries, as well as Switzerland and Serbia.

Leveraging our Odyssee database, Raiffeisen bank obtained access to historical data illustrating advancements in energy efficiency in the EU, in infrastructural projects including apartment buildings, automotives and heating systems. This helped them develop policies that fostered sustainable development through financial services.