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France’s gas operators are preparing the “Perspectives Gaz 2024” Scenario with Enerdata’s modelling expertise.

GRDF, GRTgaz, and Teréga are collaboratively developing the Perspectives Gaz 2024 scenario, aiming to chart a path for France to achieve its decarbonisation objectives. Enerdata’s contribution aims to evaluate the scenario’s alignment with France’s 2030 targets, in particular the 2030 greenhouse gas emission reduction goals as translated from the Fit-for-55 European package. 

Enerdata brings its extensive expertise in multi-energy modelling of the French system and its profound understanding of French energy and climate strategy. The bottom-up scenario of the French gas operators presents a pathway for the use of gaseous fuels in France, sector by sector. It covers end-uses of gas as well as the production of biogas, but does not consider other fuels (electricity, petroleum products, bioenergy, etc). Therefore, the Perspectives Gaz 2024 scenario is reproduced by Enerdata into our renowned energy modelling tool, POLES (Prospective Outlook on Long-term Energy Systems), to analyse its impacts on energy demand and GHG emissions and the compatibility with legal objectives. 

The contributions of Enerdata’s assessments will be integrated into the Perspectives Gaz 2024 report by focusing on the alignment of the gas scenario with the French objectives.