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Development of the Hydrogen Skills Strategy for the EU-Erasmus+

The European Union selected Enerdata to be part of a project of more than 30 various entities, led by Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, to develop a programme named “Hydrogen Skills Strategy”.

The hydrogen industry is emerging and is considered as a key energy vector for the future, specifically thanks to the green hydrogen. The current concern for market players is to develop and secure the specific skills requested to support the fast expansion as well as the continuous evolution of hydrogen, throughout the value chain, at short, medium, and long term.

To this end, the European Union defined, in the scope of Erasmus+, an education programme serving a sustainable Hydrogen Skills Strategy. The stakes are multiple: building bonds between Industry and Education for long-term partnerships, developing a skills strategy, and then, implementing, testing and rolling-out the training curricula and programmes in line with latest market needs.

Our expertise in clean technologies, and particularly in hydrogen, will enable to identify the occupational profiles and to assess the needed skill throughout the hydrogen value chain in all European countries. We will realise desk research to capitalise on previous publications, and a specific study based on interviews with the industry and key stakeholders.

We will then work, with other project partners, on defining the long-term “Hydrogen Skills Strategy” that will help education and training entities to develop various specific programmes.