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Executive Briefs

Australian Energy Market

Australia to scrap carbon tax from July 2014. Extracts about CO<sub>2</sub> emissions in Australia from the Australian energy report.

Germany Energy Market

Following the regular decrease in the share of solid fuels in the electricity mix from 2000 (53%) until 2010 (43%) in Germany, its share is ...

World Energy Balance 2012

Enerdata published its annual analysis of world energy demand, based on its 2012 data for G20 countries. This report confirms several ongoin...

Energy efficiency Benchmark

This article looks at the overall benchmarking of energy efficiency performances and policies. It discusses how country comparisons in terms...

South Korea Energy Market

Korea has not made any greenhouse gas emission commitments within the framework of the Kyoto Protocol. South Korea aims to reduce total gree...

Hydro and Wind: Friends or Foes

With a 75% share, hydroelectricity is by far the main contributor to electricity generation from renewables in Europe. In 2011, it accounted...