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Executive Briefs

Fukushima – The Aftermath

Strong dependence on nuclear energy The Japanese are large electricity consumers; their consumption per capita reached 7,700 kWh in ...

Argentina Energy Market Overview

Natural gas production grew steadily between 1991 and 2004 (by an average of 6.5%/year) and has remained relatively stable since then (...

Coal, the new war in the Pacific

Author: Jean-Marie Martin-Amouroux, member of Enerdata''s scientific board Takeovers of oil and gas assets are multiplying on all contine...

Brazil Energy Market Overview

Discover the newest developments on the Brazilian energy market in the Brazil energy report recently published by Enerdata. Read an extract ...

Solar water heating in the world

Water heating represents about 15% of households’ energy uses in Europe, 20% in the United States and even 30% in Japan. Switching from elec...