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JYD Information and Enerdata have officially established a strategic partnership

14 Apr 2015

Enerdata has established a strategic partnership with JYD Information, a leading Chinese Bulk Commodity Research and Consulting Company.

The partnership between the two Companies is based on mutual sharing of information and trainings, to enhance wider coverage and expertise for consultancy services. The partnership will help the Companies in further consolidation of their respective advantageous position in the global energy information and consulting field.

Antonio Della Pelle, the Enerdata Managing director, said about the partnership: “I am extremely happy and excited about the partnership with JYD. JYD is a well reputable and known Chinese Bulk Commodity Research and Consulting Company that will bring a new light of the Chinese Market to Enerdata existing and new customers. I am also very proud that JYD have selected Enerdata as their Global Partner because many of our competitors where having the same discussions and JYD have seen in Enerdata that sparkle making the difference”.

“We have finally set up our partnership with Enerdata after a period of negotiations and planning. Enerdata, as a Global Energy Research and Consulting Company, will help bring better value to our existing and new customers. I feel very proud that Enerdata have chosen JYD as their Global Partner. We have already made some progress in our cooperation, now jointly compiling a research report regarding energy issues in Russia. We look forward to reaching more and deeper partnership agreements in the future,” Huang Haixin, CEO of JYD, commented on the partnership.

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