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Evaluation of energy-climate trajectories 2030-2050 for the European Commission

Enerdata has been selected by the DG CLIMA of the European Commission (EC), in consortium with Artelys (leader), Engie Impact and E4SMA, to conduct a multi-model analysis of European energy systems to 2050.

The aim of the project is to evaluate energy-climate trajectories in the EU beyond 2030, to understand convergence or divergence of sectoral findings across three different partial equilibrium model (namely POLES-Enerdata, TIMES-EU and the AMADEUS-METIS model cluster).

The work will involve defining contrasted scenarios with a set of harmonised assumptions, in order to compare their respective results.

Our experts in prospective energy modelling will work on the project by leveraging our in-house POLES-Enerdata model to produce the scenarios.

The project was kicked-off in Brussels in September 2022 and will span until the summer of 2023.