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Evaluation of energy-climate trajectories 2030-2050 for the European Commission

Enerdata has recently completed a study for the Directorate General for Climate Action (DG CLIMA) of the European Commission (EC), in collaboration with Artelys, Engie Impact and E4SMA. The study involved a multi-model analysis of European energy systems up to 2050.

The project aimed to evaluate energy-climate trajectories in the EU beyond 2030 and to understand the convergence or divergence of sectoral findings across three distinct partial equilibrium models: POLES-Enerdata, TIMES-EU, and the AMADEUS-METIS model cluster. Our experts in prospective energy modelling have leveraged our in-house POLES-Enerdata model to generate the scenarios.

The results from the study have been utilised by the European Commission as complementary input to Impact Assessment for a 2040 Climate Target, underpinning the Communication “Securing our future - Europe's 2040 climate target and path to climate neutrality by 2050 building a sustainable, just and prosperous society”. This communication holds a significant importance in the EU's political agenda, reaffirming the EU’s determination to tackle climate change and opening a political debate on the choices for European citizens and governments on the way forward post-2030, to ensure the EU reaches climate neutrality by 2050. We are pleased to have been able to contribute to this effort.