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Leading the study "Ecological Transition Step 2030" for EpE

EpE, Entreprises pour l'Environnement, is a french association of 60 French and international companies across various business sectors. The association facilitates collective discussion among its members on the ecological transition, to develop tools and methods.

EpE has initiated a study "ETE 2030" initiative (Ecological Transition Step 2030) aimed at formulating a comprehensive vision for the actions to be undertaken by 2030. The objective is to facilitate France's alignment with a credible ecological transition trajectory, aligning with French and European commitments on climate and biodiversity.

After the definition of the decarbonisation pathways based on ADEME's transitions2050 scenarios, the study aimed at identifying short-term challenges and issues concerning the planetary resources and people's living conditions, adopting an approach based on the "donut theory" which identifies planetary limits and a threshold for social conditions. The study also sought to propose solutions to address these challenges.

"For the first time, major French companies are sharing convictions regarding the ecological transition and are publicly presenting a collective course and priorities for action". 

Thanks to its in-depth understanding of the challenges associated with ecological transition, its previous work on the study ZEN 20501, and its expertise on ADEME's scenarios, Enerdata was selected to lead a consortium of experts entrusted with conducting the study over an 18-month period. The consortium assembled complementary skills essential for adopting a comprehensive and systemic approach to these challenges. SOLAGRO handled aspects related to biomass, biodiversity, and agriculture; the Institute négaWatt focused on raw materials; Carbone 4 contributed sectoral-specific expertise; Missions Publiques concentrated on collective intelligence and the sociology of stakeholders, and lastly, Dominique PIALOT, a journalist, was responsible for copywriting the narrative.

A key outcome of the project was the release of the summary report, which is available on the EpE website. The next steps will involve disseminating these results and deploying intra- or inter-company action plans throughout 20242.