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Caixin Energy and Enerdata to launch Energy Intelligence Service monthly energy reports

21 Jul 2016

With more than 150,000 users from the energy industry and dozens of online and in-person events held annually, Caixin Energy has consistently supported Chinese companies seeking to “go global” with in-depth energy news reporting that enable the key decision makers to make actionable and up-to-date investment, financing, technology and management decisions. The Energy Intelligence Service (EIS) aims to provide further global exposure for subscribers by facilitating the networking of top professionals in the global energy industry and developing a deeper understanding of the national and international electricity markets through training pro-grams and knowledge sharing sessions. The five key pillars of the Energy Intelligence Service will be monthly energy reports, seminars, webinars, online classes and executive breakfast sessions.

To enhance the international expertise of EIS, Caixin Energy will partner exclusively with French energy research and consulting firm Enerdata to publish monthly energy reports, providing a detailed analysis of government policies, market developments and information on the movers and shakers of the energy industry in China and abroad. The reports focus on three main topics – electricity, new sources of energy and the sustainable development of energy and are presented in two sections: China and International. Caixin Energy will provide the data and in depth analysis for the latest market developments in China, while Enerdata will provide the detailed energy sector analysis for two countries in each report. The international coverage will comprise mainly of countries that are part of the “One Belt and One Road” initiative.

Caixin Energy is a media vertical company focusing on the power and energy sector under Caixin Media Company Limited, a leading media group that provides financial and business news in China.

Established in 1991, Enerdata is an independent energy research and consulting firm headquartered in Grenoble, with offices in Paris, London and Singapore. Enerdata maintains the world’s largest energy database with 12 million unique data series and is internationally recognized for its analysis and forecast models that help clients better understand the global energy markets for oil, gas, electricity, renewable energies and carbon emissions, among others. Some of Enerdata’s clients include the European Commission, the Asian Development Bank and KOGAS.

For more information about EIS and Enerdata, please contact:

Caixin Energy Newsroom:
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Website: www.wusuobuneng.com

Email: asia@enerdata.net
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Website: www.enerdata.net